2018. február 8., csütörtök


A few of you may know, I work in the field of Alternative Healing. I am not a Healer. I can only heal myself, not directly heal others. It is not possible. But as I heal myself, I can also relay my experiences to others. I see people recovering every day ... otherwise I would not do it.
Many people would like to get healed for various reasons. They may seek help from ... remedies, instruments, no matter what, they just seek help for healing what ails them. Everyone has faced as situation when healing was necessary.  Or, they have expressed interest in Alternative Healing because they want to feel better in their daily lives. At this point in time, there is not one person on Earth who has not experienced health issues in some way. 
We are now starting a new project in this field as well ... We are joining forces. Be part of the Unity to receive profound healing.
We named it Astara meditation, dedicated to the Goddess, Isis Astara, who was living on Earth. She has inspired many people, including me. Her goal was to bring balance back to liberate the planet and all sentient beings living here. Since she has left the physical plane, we pay tribute to her memory by pursuing the goal of bringing balance and harmony into our daily lives. This will also assist us to create balance within our bodies.
That is why every day at 1pm UTC and at 7pm UTC Light will start to penetrate the hearts, the heads, the bodies, the tissues, every cell ... but most of all, your  Higher Self who is there within You. It will give you Hope, it will bring Light and Love so that you can make a decision ... for Life, Love for Health and Harmony.
Many people come to me and ask if the group I work with can meditate for someone, for their family, friends, loved ones.
But we cannot do that one by one.
Let's get together, let's get healed and make this world a better place.

Guided version: 

First of all, in order to understand the essence of the meditation, briefly let's talk about disease and getting healed.
What I explain to people who come to me for healing is that I know, for example, there will never be a cure for cancer given to the public, and they will not find any method or medication to cure it. The reason I can firmly state this is because Medical Expert Committees wrote about it in December 1988, in March 1989 and also in 1992 and they also confirmed the correctness of the Natural Laws on brain – soul – body level, based on which I can clearly state that cancer, and cancer equivalent lesions are aspects of the healing process... that is, there is nothing to fight against and there is nothing to discover a medicine to create a cure.  You just have to understand, and embrace these processes and not be afraid.
Ignorance and fear are the two greatest forces that make you sick. This is why people are still dying today.
Ignorance about the fact that every spiritual imbalance, inner struggle, conflict is projected on the body and causes lesions. Ignorance about how a lesion takes place and what is its biological sense. Ignorance about the fact that you can always choose for or against something that affects your healing. Ignorance when you do not realize that when a medicine is advertised ... that is purely for business. The content behind it is not to actually heal you. Knowledge can be acquired, you just need to inform yourself  by doing research to understand what is being expressed here.
The fear that there is no or little hope because the doctor has no alternatives except medicines that do not work.  Because the Matrix taught them, although their intention was clear to try to heal you. The fear of what you have ever known about cancer and how the Matrix burned hopelessness and illness into your mind about it. It is time to wake up, it is all about you. People are usually afraid of the nightmares they live in… however we do not need to be afraid of life! There are options to what has been programmed into us by the ”Powers That Be” that stand to gain billions by keeping people sick.

You have to take ’medication’ against ignorance and resentment – which is awareness, information, faith, hope, love, and unity.
Read this for side effects: it is okay if you do not believe it. But think about what you can gain when you finally begin to believe! You gain hope, love, and a longer life of quality and great health. Your choice is either live a healthy life, or to remain afraid ... surviving in fear will not lead anywhere good. The time has come when we can change this consciously. Enough time has been spent working on repairing the past. Because if we do not succeed, then we are afraid of the future. Everything happens to you in the present moment! Healing happens in the present moment.

One of the most important principles of the meditation will be free will. In order to get healed, just like any other goal, you have to make a clear decision. A decision made out of free will, behind which is your Higher Being. Without this no one will be added to the meditation.
You cannot heal someone who has already decided to give up on life. You cannot heal anyone who does not want it. You cannot make them healthy until they have chosen out of free will. From day one, the dark forces try to take away the possibility of  positive decision from us by programming us with fear. It is time to take your power back and begin making the right decisions! Each of us must learn to decide again, make positive choices that create a vital life, not choices that lead to pain or death.  We must now decide from the heart! We must consciously follow the heart's decision, to walk our own path.
It is important to know that in the Natural Laws, lesions can be divided into two phases. If our emotional deeper psychological conflicts were involved, it is anticipated that a commitment to a more serious decision for inner peace can start or end the ultimate course of the physical changes that have occurred so far. This can cause physical pain, more serious complications, depending on how long, deep and dark the emotional state is we have experienced. But, we cannot get away with it. If we really want to be fully healed, we must recognize and be responsible for the piece that stands in our way or creates resistance in our lives. We must address that it is blocking our health and happiness. 
So, taking part in the meditation is not a substitute for medical interventions you may have recieved, or are receiving, I suggest you visit a doctor who is aware of the Natural Laws and knows the cause of what is happening within you, and why. It is good that a doctor is aware of the signs of soul-brain-body level needing to be observed. Do not worry, your body is a result of millions of years of development and it is time to understand its true functioning! 

Before the meditation those who want to get healed, can join the program here: 


You will have to sign up only the person's name which will be put on a list publicly. If someone is in hospital or if they have technical difficulties with joining the program, they can ask someone else to do it for them. But we should not put someone on the list unless we talked to them beforehand. It would be against the principle of free will and it would be almost completely ineffective because it needs the decision of the person who wants to get healed, according to the things mentioned above. Moreover, they will need to actively participate at the time of the meditation. 

At the time of the meditation, those who wish to get healed are suggested to do the following: 

1.Every day at 1pm UTC and at 7pm UTC, find a quiet place, close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Watch your breathing and, if possible, exclude all other thoughts, just think of how freely life flows into you as you breathe in and out. It is best to focus your attention on the small area below your nose, if your mind wanders and feel the air flowing in and out. But you can also use your own technique you usually use to relax.

2. Imagine a sphere of brilliant white Light 20 cm above your head, from which a beautiful, pure white Light is flowing on you.

3. Feel your body bathing in this brilliant Light, just like in a flood. In the meantime, remember that you are Love, Light, and the Will of a Higher Power that gives you life, loves you, and wants you the best if you accept it within yourself. See this Light flowing towards the center of the Earth.

4. Now make a decision that with this Light that gives you strength and hope, you will get healed. Focus all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds on this and it will guide you every minute of the day.

5. Stay in this flood of Light for as long as it feels good.

You can call in the feelings, thoughts and your decision experienced during the above meditation into your life at any time you wish, even when you experience an attack, hopelessness and fear or if you simply want to feel it to make your day more peaceful. 

In case you experience pain, you can also try a mantra that has worked for many people. You have to say the following three times, in your mind or out loud, but deeply focused on the pain: Command PB Stardust.

If you do not want to be on the list but you still want to get healing, feel free to do the above meditation without giving your name. 

Those who want to participate as healing supporters, please read through the list of names here before the meditation and think of the people behind the names from your heart. Make a decision that you will be guided by acceptance and Love during the meditation and that you will help from the sense of Oneness during the process. The following meditation is recommended: 

1. Every day at 1pm UTC and at 7pm UTC, find a quiet place, close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Watch your breathing and, if possible, exclude all other thoughts, just think of how freely life flows into you as you breathe in and out. It is best to focus your attention on the small area below your nose, if your mind wanders and feel the air flowing in and out. But you can also use your own technique  you usually use to relax.

2. Imagine a pillar of White Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun, going through each and every person – those who want to get healed and those who help them heal, down to the center of the Earth. Then imagine another pillar of white Light coming from the center of the Earth, going through each and every person – those who want to get healed and those who help them heal, back to the Galactic Central Sun. The two pillars of Light will remain active throughout the meditation and you can see the Light continuously flowing.

3. Imagine a sphere of brilliant white Light, 20 cm above your head, your Soul Star chakra, connecting to these pillars of Light and a beautiful, pure white Light is flowing on you and on everyone participating in this meditation. Everyone connects with each other through the Soul Star chakras, creating a brilliant network of Light.

4. Imagine and decide that this pure white Light transforms all negative feelings, thoughts, words and deeds within you you, within those who want to get healed and within Mother Earth. Everything and everyone gets healed.

5. Stay in this flow for as long as it feels good.

Much Love

PS: Special thanks to Mimi Hambas for her help