Meditation for those who wish to get healed

Guided version: 

Before the meditation those who want to get healed, can join the program here:

You will have to sign up only the person's name which will be put on a list publicly. If someone is in hospital or if they have technical difficulties with joining the program, they can ask someone else to do it for them. But we should not put someone on the list unless we talked to them beforehand. It would be against the principle of free will and it would be almost completely ineffective because it needs the decision of the person who wants to get healed, according to the things mentioned above. Moreover, they will need to actively participate at the time of the meditation. 

At the time of the meditation, those who wish to get healed are suggested to do the following: 

1.Every day at 1pm UTC and 7pm UTC, find a quiet place, close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Watch your breathing and, if possible, exclude all other thoughts, just think of how freely life flows into you as you breathe in and out. It is best to focus your attention on the small area below your nose, if your mind wanders and feel the air flowing in and out. But you can also use your own technique you usually use to relax.

2. Imagine a sphere of brilliant white Light 20 cm above your head, from which a beautiful, pure white Light is flowing on you.

3. Feel your body bathing in this brilliant Light, just like in a flood. In the meantime, remember that you are Love, Light, and the Will of a Higher Power that gives you life, loves you, and wants you the best if you accept it within yourself. See this Light flowing towards the center of the Earth.

4. Now make a decision that with this Light that gives you strength and hope, you will get healed. Focus all your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds on this and it will guide you every minute of the day.

5. Stay in this flood of Light for as long as it feels good.

You can call in the feelings, thoughts and your decision experienced during the above meditation into your life at any time you wish, even when you experience an attack, hopelessness and fear or if you simply want to feel it to make your day more peaceful. 

In case you experience pain, you can also try a mantra that has worked for many people. You have to say the following three times, in your mind or out loud, but deeply focused on the pain: Command PB Stardust.

If you do not want to be on the list but you still want to get healing, feel free to do the above meditation without giving your name. 

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